Desperately semaphoring

                from the shore I wave & call

your name Samuel


stomp like a lunatic

                down the beach

tromple striped beach


towels & children’s shovels

                kick over plastic buckets

crush elaborate sandcastles


people stare

                not sure if they should look

away or dial 911


your ship just disappeared

                my love

the horizon blank after


god’s indifferent swipe

                seawater clogs your lungs

rockweed tangles your hair


I crumple to the beach

                sand shimmers

in sun without mercy


silence splays time


now only an unread sports page

                listless on the counter

one chipped cup of morning tea


now only leaden days

                & restive nights

unswept floors, unopened books


please send souvenirs

                from the future

a sky-pewter shell or the bones of a sunfish


so I can find you in the scent of the sea