One baby holding her leg,
one baby riding her hip,
one toddler squeezing the kitten,
one toddler giving her lip.

One phone glued to her ear;
another phone rings from her purse,
bosses demanding more meetings,
part of the corporate curse.

One patient needing a pill,
one patient throwing a fit,
one patient ringing a buzzer;
“Hey, nurse, wipe up this – spit.”

One student poking a cell phone,
one student falling asleep,
Which battle does she toss out?
Which one can she possibly keep?

One table hasn’t yet ordered;
one table needs more iced tea.
She’s learned how to paste on a smile;
good service is always the key.

One client called her at midnight;
one client just skipped his bail;
one client might not be guilty;
one client is going to jail.

One person needs a good haircut;
one person needs a wash and a brush;
one person was late for her color,
and now the stylist is rushed.

One passenger has a big suitcase;
one passenger clogs up the aisle;
she patiently tries to assist them,
though she’s flown over 10,000 miles.

One crash on Highway 320;
one case of domestic abuse;
one 65 in a 40;
she cuffs a junkie tripping on juice.

One gun slung on her shoulder,
binoculars held to her eyes,
her third time in enemy country,
her goal – to come out alive.

One deadline looming before her,
the first to arrive on the scene,
an exclusive with celebrity Joe;
she’s gonna need some caffeine.

One smoky bar down in Nashville,
one battered and well-loved guitar;
she holds nothing back in her music,
someday it will make her a star.

To all of the hard-working women,
who make the world spin around;
just know y’all are my heroes
and deserve a cape and a crown.