ascending from the depths of sleeping

before new dawn lifts the curtain of darkness

a thrill of returning memory weaves

dream amnesia into the fabric of contentment


perfectly poached egg nestled in

the fluff of a biscuit two inches high

coffee a sable brown liqueur infused with

cream so rich it whips with a single stir


sharing the morning’s sun-dappled lace cloth,

an open journal. its linen pages absorbing

elegant indigo script shaped into

hours and stanzas of inspiration


velvet snowy camellia, white rose scents

fulfilling the promise of harmony

in the mellifluent strains of a sonata


late afternoon walk atop cliff towers

that merge with the restless sea

shore breezes calm to a whispered zephyr

reluctant dusk is sliced by gilt rays that follow

the sun below the azure horizon


momentary pause to rest on the garden chaise

descending into a languid drowse

until the sapphire and diamond night

spreads a canopy of serenity over another day