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Author: Dual Coast Magazine

Desperately Semaphoring from The Shore by Claire Scott  

  Desperately semaphoring                 from the shore I wave & call your name Samuel   stomp like a lunatic                 down the beach tromple striped beach   towels & children’s shovels                 kick over plastic buckets crush elaborate sandcastles   people stare                 not sure if they should look away or dial 911   your ship just disappeared                 my love the horizon blank after   god’s indifferent swipe                 seawater clogs your lungs rockweed tangles your hair   I crumple to the beach                 sand shimmers in sun without mercy   silence splays time   now only an...

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Zephyrs by Jackie Maugh Robinson

  ascending from the depths of sleeping before new dawn lifts the curtain of darkness a thrill of returning memory weaves dream amnesia into the fabric of contentment   perfectly poached egg nestled in the fluff of a biscuit two inches high coffee a sable brown liqueur infused with cream so rich it whips with a single stir   sharing the morning’s sun-dappled lace cloth, an open journal. its linen pages absorbing elegant indigo script shaped into hours and stanzas of inspiration   velvet snowy camellia, white rose scents fulfilling the promise of harmony in the mellifluent strains of...

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The Exile before his Desk by David Anthony Sam

  In an exhausted room darkness oozes from corners to gather around my chair   A candle swallows itself to an ebb of glowing wick wisping its spirit   A strange woman enters my room and kisses the top of my balding head   She lays three coins on my desk and leaves trailing a fabric of fragrance   the sweetness of the cedar when its needles have been prayed between fingers   I use the accrual of darkness as ink and record the sum made of the coins   They disappear and it is time to lie in...

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Compassionate Tails By Patricia Rossi

There are defining moments in our lives, some are monumental, others tainted in hues of insignificance, but nonetheless memorable. As a lifelong marathon runner, many of my defining moments have materialized on a designated competitive race course. I have experienced moments wrought with emotion, euphoria, anguish and at times anxiety, as I have steadily put one foot in front of the other and earned recognition in a plethora of 5k races, half-marathons, and full marathons. Some years ago, when I competed in the San Francisco Marathon, I was truly blessed with the glorious opportunity to run across the Golden...

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