Standing under the hot summer sun
        on the asphalt too hot to touch
start right here the boss does say
        two feet wide and four feet down

you stare across the parking lot
        you have to dig to the other side
a pick and shovel are all you have
        and a long hard job to do

take the pick and swing it down
        and feel it hit right to your soul
again and again you swing that pick
        till you loose a little bit

then with the shovel try to lift
        a piece too big and it falls off
break it up with the pick
        into pieces you can lift

digging down it all harder gets
        no room to swing no room to lift
and two feet down you hit hardpan
        learn it has been easy until then

swinging a pick in the hot summer sun
        the long hot days together run
you need the money and the job
        digging a hole in the hot summer sun