In some neighborhoods, the home owners cut their grass,
but in our neighborhood, most people mow their weeds.
Some might call them invasive weeds,
but to a few too many neighbors,
they seem to be welcomed,
the crab grasses, the water grasses, the foxtail grasses.
All of them have the names of various grasses,
so welcome, welcome, welcome they say.
Yes, the other yards are mostly green,
except for maybe the yellow dandelions
popping up all over the yard,
or a field of clover with their white flowers,
or the bull thistle, or yellow wood sorrel.
The list of weeds goes on and on.

Their whole yard is part of a flower garden,
and these, the flowers in their flowerbed,
requiring very little attention,
and to tell the truth, none at all.
You won’t see any of the neighbors picking any
of the flowers to place on their dinner table.
No, there is no time for that.
Instead, they leave them alone
for everyone else in the neighborhood to enjoy.
In the meantime, while they mow their weeds,
maybe weekly, maybe every once in a while,
I will continue to cut my grass.
I guess I’m old fashioned that way.