Monument Valley Reverie

I see giant knight fortresses and kingly spires
And crenelated rock towers against sunrise fires
God-spaced across the desert chess board
Of the breathtaking Monument Valley floor

I’ve never known the desert as an empty space
I was born beneath its sun and blessed by its grace
I awoke to its song and lay down with its hush
I’m witness to the glory of the Master’s paintbrush

My imagination populates impossible blue skies
With cumulus fantasies miles wide and high
In them, I see soldiers, braves, stallions, buffalo
Charging from the past to race their cloud shadows

But these reflective visions don’t come to me
From old west books though I’ve read so many
They are the gift from a giant of the cinema
Who filmed his sagas against heroic vistas

Whenever I watch majestic thunderheads build
I remember those westerns and how I was thrilled
To see soldiers, braves, stallions and buffalo race by
Under the motion picture magic of a John Ford sky