Ever calm and never standing still
Are the billion stars out of which
I see a few
That shine brighter than the others
Eyes and mind not fixed on any of them
The big picture emerges
It unfolds slowly before the open mind
The mind that connects
The heart that pounds to the glimmer of the stars
The soul that recognizes its belonging
And spreads its wings
While human noise fades away
Into the far background
The locked-up eye blinks shyly
Before opening
In that moment there’s no human force
But a truth to be felt which is beyond rationality
The invisible wire which runs through the universe
Shivers down my spine
The shooting star on its way
Shot right through me
Where the time stands still
With an energy brighter than the sun
It arrived in my soul
There it found a place
The wish was made
The bond was sealed
The eternal bond
Bound by the universe
With the starry night as a witness
We glow
And shine
On and on
As the light of the universe burns in us
We burn for each other
In an ever-expanding firmament
Under the stars I feel you
Under my skin I hear your
In the rhythm that echoes
In an endless flow