Dual Coast Magazine is at it again! Featuring fine fiction and poetry in a format that is fun to read. Add to that the articles, recipes, images, photography, art, caption contest, and just plain fun that Dual Coast Magazine has an abundance of, and what results is a great magazine that you’d be crazy to miss out on.

Dual Cost Magazine has a beautiful layout with themes of nature and retro-goodness, but features modern writers, both emerging and established, making it one of the most selective and distinguished venues for writers today. We know today’s readers have plenty of choices, which is why Dual Coast is so diligent to ensure readers won’t be disappointed. The offerings are compelling, and they seem to build into beautiful waves of delightful reading. Dual Coast is fresh, inspiring, and fun. Don’t buy a stuffy journal that is mired in the boring traditions of yesteryear. Grab a copy of Dual Coast and get excited about literary magazines again!

Issue #2 features these fine writers, Adiba Jaigirdar, Amber Lucik, Anne Britting Oleson, Barbara Braverman, Bill Melton, Brandon Barrows, Catfish McDaris, Dave Gregg, Dixon Hearne, E Campbell, Eliza Horn, Emily Vanston, Galen R. Faison, Gary Beck, GF Boyer, Heather M. Browne, James Croal Jackson, James E. Guin, Jeremy Da Rosa, Jim Meirose, John C. Kojak, Jordan Blum, Jude Conlee, Judi Calhoun, Ken L. Jones, Kevin L. Kennel, Lela Marie De La Garza, Mark J. Mitchell, Mary Gunn, Melissa Davis, Michael Blake, Michael Kemp, Milo James Fowler, Nicholas Thacker, Nikki Carr, P. M. Merlot, Polly Buckingham, Renee Rivers, Rhonda Parrish, Rich Ives, Robert Bates, Sam Barbee, Tom Pescatore, Travis Lee, and Troy Farah. Artist, Judi Calhoun, contributes her artwork (featured in color on the cover with a large black and white rendering inside), and we also feature a throwback to depression-era photography with beautiful and heartbreaking images by Dorothea Lange.

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