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Author: Dual Coast Magazine

My Savior by Alex Doe

My Savior    When I flunked tenth grade for the third time, my parents gave up on me. They kicked my ass to the curb with suitcase in hand, and I don’t blame them. Grandma picked me up two days later.  She lived in upstate New York, where trees replaced skyscrapers and geese out-honked taxi cabs.  Grandma’s little white ranch was perched on a hill alongside a thin dirt driveway, which her truck climbed with great wails and groans. While meandering from room to room during my first day on the ranch, I found a dusty notebook wedged into...

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Gravel Road by Mariell Stennes

Gravel Road    The grumble of the engine, Louder as it comes towards me, Watching the neighbor boy, As he drives the old pickup, Down the gravel road, Down the dirt, And the dust, And the rock, It shuffles underneath my feet, As I walk, Then pick up the pace, And run, Run towards something, And away from everything, Toward the sun, Away from reality, To the creek, Away from home, To listen, Just listen, To the birds, The crickets, The frogs, Escaping, Escaping from this life that is mine.  ...

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Parrot on Her Shoulder by Carol Hamilton

Parrot on Her Shoulder    We are old now though we only spoke of it in laughing tones   You swore you would sit on your porch and watch the world pass by   a parrot on your shoulder We are not as peg-legged and quirky as that   but strokes and bad spines do sit there squawking away about how we used to...

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Rituals by Carol Hamilton

Rituals    They give our lives meaning we laughed to each other at sunset as we again raised the bear safe at timberline and suddenly realized no bear was likely at that altitude. Now, years later and we, tottering, make New Year’s Eve special with pops of Christmas crackers and fireworks off our lakeside deck. This year, we head out into the cold dark to struggle at rough rope and set swinging an old school bell installed in the nearby field. In a cold drizzle, it clangs at air; we full of late-life frivolity, giving not a thought to...

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The Start of Something by Mark Plummer

The Start of Something    The last stains of night linger on the clifftops like an old bruise as Matt pulls the car into the layby. He cuts the engine and immediately there’s the scratching of a seagull’s feet on the roof. The dog spins in a tight circle on the backseat. It yaps in the vague direction of the bird’s clumsy tapping. Emma turns to the dog. “What’s that, Teddy? Is that a naughty birdy? Are you going to get it?” Matt gets out. He clips the lead onto Teddy’s collar. Emma gets out and puts on her...

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The Ruins by Alexandra Hinojosa

The Ruins    Lucia’s eyes looked through the viewfinder at the green and blue contrast of the coast. The car window was rolled down. The wind tousled her hair. She stared, not daring to snap a picture. To her, one second seemed more glorious than the next. The sun was high in the sky and she felt the warmth penetrating through the windshield and onto her thighs. “Take a good one”, Pablo said. “Uh huh”, she responded, not sure if he had heard. The car gained speed and she snapped a couple of successive shots. “You have to frame...

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