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Author: Dual Coast Magazine

Tobacco Road by Bill W. Melton

I have taken the liberty of borrowing the title of Erskine Caldwell’s epic novel about childhood memories of tobacco growing. The tobacco cycle is a long one, lasting perhaps fourteen or fifteen months, and my father always grew tobacco, at least for as long as I could remember. These are my memories—what growing a crop of tobacco entailed amidst the days when family members, who did most of the work by hand, worked without pay. A tobacco seed is a tiny speck about the size of a single grain of finely ground pepper. Even so, they were very expensive—farmers...

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Writing Motivations?

When was the last time you asked yourself where your motivation comes from? The next time you finish a great story or poem, take a moment to reflect on your mood, the time of day, the setting in which you wrote it, and see if you can learn to reproduce those motivations in the...

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