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Author: Dual Coast Magazine

Lydia-F by Bruce Levine

Lydia-F    The discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 solar system and seven planets 40 light years from earth re-ignited Bryce Danford’s desire to become an astronomer. Too poor to go to college full time after he graduated at the top of his class from the New York City Public School system, he eventually worked his way through the State University of New York (SUNY), earning a degree to teach high school science, as close as he could get to his passion for astronomy. And then, eventually, he got a job teaching in the same high school that he’d graduated from...

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Her Life by John Grey

Her Life    She’s a teenage beauty in thrall to various males – so, when the important political announcement is made, she checks her cell phone again – when the Orca breaches the surface, she’s inundated with various text messages – when the fly eludes the chameleon’s tongue, she cannot be expected to answer them all – but when the dark clouds roll by, she spies the one she’s been waiting for – I am yours, baby, you are...

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The Smoke (Break) by John Riebow

The Smoke (Break)   The sun danced through the swaying branches of the Serviceberry trees as the two young women plopped themselves onto a green bench, pulling cigarette packs from their purses.  They tapped and lit up almost simultaneously, like a choreographed ballet, and did not speak until their first conjoined puff exhaled skyward. Do you think it’s really true? Is what really true? What they are saying? What who is saying? Everybody. Who’s everybody? The office, our coworkers. That’s a lot of people. Yeah.  So? What are they saying? About Polly. Polly? The tall skinny chick with the...

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R.I.P. Lucky Robert Pearlman by Brandon Jenkins

R.I.P. Lucky Robert Pearlman    Robert Ian Pearlman was a statesman and prolific writer. He had spent the better part of forty-nine years telling stories of oppression, revenge, greed, dominance and ultimately, triumph. His stories were an inspiration to the millions of readers he had around the world. His writing style had influenced a new breed of story-tellers and would contribute to a new era of literature for years to come. Not only did Robert have the literary world at his fingertips, but he was a renowned public speaker. Speaking three languages fluently: English, French and Spanish, Robert was...

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Wandering Alone by Linda Sacco

Wandering Alone    I wander through the zoo alone, surrounded by animals. Over the heads of a family, beside a pram, I hear, “Don’t go wandering off!” I watch tiger cubs clamour for mum’s attention, then stroll to the bears, just in time to catch a furry bottom disappear into a cave. “Come back!” A child calls, echoing my thoughts. His father has other concerns. “Someone might take you. Hold my hand!” I walk past a soon-to-be-released exhibit, now just a construction site, next to a grassy area of lunch eaters. Ahead, a woman power walks with a cheetah’s...

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